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Top 10 Posts of 2017

The year is almost over. I won’t be publishing any new blog posts until January but if you’re looking for something to read over the long holiday weekend I am rolling out the 10 ten posts of 2017. Oh yeah, I’m doing a countdown! Each day starting Friday I’ll be posting one of the top 10 posts of the year. I love checking out my analytics and seeing what resonated with people. I loved this years list and hope you enjoy it too!

#10 5 Reasons Your To-do List Sucks

#1 on the list of top posts of All The Things I Do. 5 Reasons Your To-do List Sucks. To be honest, it felt a little risky telling reader that something they did “sucked,” but with that being said it needed to be said. A lot of people have problems getting things done. They hear, “You should make a to-do list,”  then they do, and nothing improves. This post talks about the changes you need to make on your to-do list to make it more productive. 

#9 6 Tips For Saying No When Your Hate Letting People Down

I think we can all relate to having trouble with the word “no.” But sometimes saying “no” to someone else is saying “yes” to yourself. In this post, I share six ways to make this easier.

#8  5 Ways to Deal With Stress

Everyone has stress to some degree. While we all deal with things in our own way, I wrote this post with the hopes of providing some realistic ways to deal with stress because we all can’t just go to Paris for a month and still pay our rent.

#7 Why You Need to Talk to People Outside of Your Industry.

This post was inspired after I set up a small meet up in my city and ended up meeting the owner of a local brick and mortar business. It was very eye-opening. Here are four lessons I learned from the conversation and reasons you should step out of your inner circle.

#6 2016-2017 Network Predictions a Year Later

Back when my blog started in 2015 I started a fun annual post where I reviews would watch as many network tv trailers as I could find and then make my assumption on if I thought they would succeed or not. Then I would come back a year later and see if I was right or wrong. I feel like this post was fun but actually more daunting than you’d expect. I can assume people searching for network schedules and cancellations stumbled upon it.

#5  How to Get Past The 5 Reasons People Don’t Ask For Help

As hard as it can be to admit no one can do all the things without anyone’s help, even Beyonce has nannies. This post not only shares five common things that stop you from asking for help but ways to work around them.

#4 8 Business & Life Lessons From 30 Pounds of Weight Loss

First that 30 is officially 40 in 2017! Woot! Woot! I did work hard so I will toot my own horn. In this post I shared the similarities, I found about building an online business and losing weight. Even if you aren’t trying to lose weight, these are amazing things to remember about any change you’re trying to make in your life.

#3  5 Myths About Keeping Your Clients Happy

This post is relatively new, so I was shocked and happy to see if had such a tremendous response. This post is all about the myths we tell ourselves about working with clients and why they aren’t true.

The Power of Strategic PR in Online Business with Brittney Lynn

In this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety, I talk with my friend Brittney from I’ve known Brittney for a while, we actually met in a Twitter chat and she became one of my first online business friends. I’ve watched Brittney’s business explode over the past few years and I can promise you there is a lot of value in this episode. Brittney does strategic public relations for online businesses and is the creator and host of the podcast A Day In The Life. If you want to step up your Public Relations game in 2018 then you need to listen to this episode and visit Brittney’s website.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why public relations is so valuable for online businesses.
  • An exercise for discovering the story behind your business that will allow people to connect with your brand.
  • How she and her husband paid off 50K of debt so she could start her own business.
  • The one thing she can’t do without (Hint: it’s probably on a lot of your list).
  • The three things she thinks everyone should do to take care of themselves.


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PR is free. It's free marketing you just have to pitch yourself. Click To Tweet Hiring someone to do your PR removes some of the personal stress of being rejected. Click To Tweet Doing PR doesn't have an exact ROI but it is very valuable for building your brand. Click To Tweet You need to know and hone in on your story. Click To Tweet Sit down and write about your experiences that lead you to this moment. You need to know your story. Click To Tweet People want to know your story. They want to know the story behind the brand. Click To Tweet Things take time. Deep breaths and baby steps. Click To Tweet Just take the two-inch step. Basically, take the baby step. Click To Tweet


You can find Brittney here:

Why your online business needs a PR plan.

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5 Myths About Launching Something Online

On today’s episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety, I bust five common myths around launching something online. Regardless if you are launching a podcast, course, service package, website or whatever these are common myths that might be holding you back. There are enough obstacles that can make a new project complicated you don’t need myths blocking your path.

There is so much information out there and between what our friends tell us, our family, our biz buddies and even experts it’s easy to get stuck. I’m here to tell you there are 5 fewer things you have to worry about.

“It has to be perfect.”

This one is huge. When you put something out into the world you want to put your best foot forward. I’ll admit I’m a bit of  a control freak but I’ve had to accept that things won’t ever be perfect.  It doesn’t matter who you are. Even Oprah doesn’t get everything perfect. She got fired from her first news job. When the OWN network (Oprah’s cable network) launched in 2011 it didn’t do well and didn’t start showing signs of improvement until a major restructuring of staff and show cancellations took place. The show improved through hard work and trial and error.


Even Oprah has to figure it out. Nothing is ever going to be perfect. You do it and figure it out. Click To Tweet

“I have to know everything.”

Similar to the perfect myth this one is something that keeps people stuck. We all have different zones of genius. You don’t have to know every program or every system. You need to know enough to get the essentials done and be the expert where you are the expert. You can outsource things. You don’t have to answer every question. You just have to do the right things and answer the right questions.

You can't know everything. If someone expects you to you probably don't want to work with them. Click To Tweet

“I have to follow this specific strategy.”

One of the biggest problems I find with online education is you see a lot of, “This worked for me, so you need to do it just like this.” The truth is if you find a proven strategy you want to check it out but you want to customize it to fit your mission and your business. I’m not saying skip things that make you uncomfortable because that is where we grow. What I’m telling you is if the strategy doesn’t fit alter it. For example, if you’re following a strategy that says you need to be on Instagram but you know your target customer doesn’t have Instagram then you should go use the social platform you know they use.

Remember that special thing you bring to the table. You don't need to be like everyone else. Click To Tweet At the end the end of the day it needs to be the right strategy for you. Click To Tweet

One of my favorite examples of this is weight loss. If you hire a nutritionist they may have guidelines they follow for their clients but chances are a 300-pound client and a 160-pound client won’t receive the same meal plan.

“I had one bad launch so it won’t ever work.”

So many people want to launch a podcast, start a blog, launch a course or whatever. They do all the work and put it out there and then they hear crickets.  That is almost what is supposed to happen the first time you launch. That is how you learn and grow. Each time you put something out there you are gaining more experience and learning about what works.

Just because you have one bad experience doesn't mean you aren't worthy. Click To Tweet

Also, you have to check yourself. Launching may be the only way to realize what your mindset issues and mental blocks are. If you have a client who goes to bed at 9 p.m. and you only live stream at midnight you know she didn’t see that. You have to build that courage and that momentum up. Start streaming when you know she will see you.

“If I want it done right I have to go it alone.”

When you are trying to start a business it is incredibly scary. You don’t want to risk having anyone else come in and mess it up. The thing is you don’t know how to do everything. If you aren’t good at something outsource it. The sooner you realize you aren’t good at something the better. You don’t have to even hire a full team. You just have to find the right people and build the right connections.

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If you are ready to hire the right person to help you launch, let’s talk. I have spots available for my package Plan and Prep My Launch. The one on one program where we plan out your launch together and make sure you’ve checked all the boxes.

Plan My Launch!

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