DJ Submission

Energy Radio KC is looking for DJ talent to be played for Club Energy. If you’re a DJ, Mixer, Producer or Podcaster and your interested please send a message to

Please only send completed products that are yours. If you use Soundcloud or some other type of Dropbox service, please be sure to have a download link attached or available. Please include a press kit including a photo (if you have one), and please tell us about yourself. *this is not mandatory* *but strongly encouraged* If you are looking to be a featured DJ as part of the Energy DJ team, it’s a requirement.

Energy Radio KC DJ Submission Policy:
-Mixes are preferred and encouraged to be 320k or higher
-Prefer MP3 format, and we will not reformat for you
-30 – 60ish minutes with the last track faded out
-If you’re a resident DJ and part of the Energy team you can have up to a two-hour mix
-Your drops are welcome and encouraged in your mixes, but only if it promotes you as a DJ and not another club or station.

We are an EDM, Dance, House and top-40 remixed station and hip hop/rap will only be considered if it is in a mixed set of electronic/dance style.

Please include your playlist so if listeners have questions about your music we can provide them the information and most importantly so the artist can get paid their royalty fees.
Any offensive language (toward any race or group of people) will not be played, and you will be banned from any future airtime on Energy Radio.

Please listen to our station and see if your stylings fit our format. Our team at Energy looks forward to hearing from you.

Energy KC Staff

Energy Radio KC

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